Editing Jesus

I heard a news story the other day that is quite possibly one of the best indicators of where the Christian subculture is at.

RNS recently published an article chronicling the top 8 most-edited Wikipedia entries. On a website with over three quarters of a million articles, what did the top 8 all have in common? All of them deal with religion.

And the most-edited article? With a whopping 26,580 revisions, the article on Jesus Christ has received the most changes in Wikipedia’s history.

Granted, an “encyclopedia” that allows any Joe to edit most any entry at any time is going to see a lot of revisions to hotly-disputed issues and historical figures — and a fair few of the people who revised the article in question probably don’t have much impetuous portray a historically accurate version of Jesus. But it is, I think, telling about what we’ve made Jesus out to be.

For both believers in Christ and non-believers alike, Jesus is just a “thing” that can be edited to personal taste and preference.

My Jesus flipped tables.

Your Jesus showed mercy.

Josh’s Jesus associated with sinners.

Jimmy’s Jesus was more interested in his own followers.

Jesse’s Jesus thought homosexuality was ______.

Jesus is my co-pilot.

I’m dating Jesus.

I see this type of post all the time on social media: “Based on this verse, Jesus would say/do/think in this situation or on this issue.

I think too many Christians have become too obsessed with “What Would Jesus Do” that we forget what he did do.

Here’s what I mean: you can debate all you want about any point of theology (not that you necessarily should), but the entire Christian faith comes down to whether or not Christ rose from the dead. Whether or not God truly intervened in human history in one miraculous event.

That’s it. Conversation over about Jesus.

I want to make it clear that I think having solid, unchanging doctrine is a crucial part of the Christian faith, especially on issues of sin and Christian living.

But if the 26,580 editors of the Wikipedia entry on Jesus Christ could just agree that he was who he said he was, they’d probably be able to agree a lot of other stuff too.

But then again, it’s easier to just make the most important figure in history into whatever you want him to be.

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